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I am the First Accused.

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Arts and practised as an attorney in Johannesburg for a number of years in partnership with Oliver Tambo. I am a convicted prisoner serving five years for leaving the country without a permit and for inciting people to go on strike at the end of May 1961.

At the outset, I want to say that the suggestion made by the State in its opening that the struggle in South Africa is . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . .

.......................................................cont. reading on   the blog "I am prepared to die"

Steven Bantu Biko (18 December 1946 – 12 September 1977)

  "Black man, you are on your own."
Slogan coined by Steve Biko for the South African Student's Organisation, SASO.

"So as a prelude whites must be made to realise that they are only human, not superior. Same with Blacks. They must be made to realise that they are also human, not inferior."
As quoted in the Boston Globe, 25 October 1977.

"You are either alive and proud or you are dead, and when you are dead, you can't care anyway."
On Death, I Write What I Like, 1978

"The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed."
Speech in Cape Town, 1971

"The basic tenet of black consciousness is that the black man must reject all value systems that seek to make him a foreigner in the country of his birth and reduce his basic human dignity."
From Steve Biko's evidence given at the SASO/BPC trial, 3 May 1976.

"Being black is not a matter of pigmentation - being black is a reflection of a mental attitude."
The Definition of Black Consciousness, I Write What I Like, 1978.

"Merely by describing yourself as black you have started on a road towards emancipation, you have committed yourself to fight against all forces that seek to use your blackness as a stamp that marks you out as a subservient being."
The Definition of Black Consciousness, I Write What I Like, 1978.

What we are tought as kids

Posted by Hailie Nene on Sunday, December 2, 2012

What we are tought as kids


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Hailie Nene I only have one ambition, y'know. I only have one thing I really like to see happen. I like to see mankind live together - black, white, chinese, everyone - that's all. ..........Bob Marley


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 " Go one step ahead, it can bring success for you; there is nothing which comes with zero risk."
Written in 2012 by Saba Hussain


I shot an arrow into the fell to earth, I knew not where , so swiftly it flew, the sight could not follow it in its flight.

I breathed a song into the fell to earth, I knew no where, far who has sight so keen & strong that it can follow the flight of song?

Long long afterwards, in an oak I found the arrow still unbroken & the song, from the beginning to the end....I found again the song in the hearth of a friend.....the best friend is like a 4-leaf clover hard to find but lucky to have..........Ymmy

  ·         Susan B. Anthony - On Women's Right to Vote (1873)

·         Tony Blair - To the Irish Parliament (1998)

·         Napoleon Bonaparte - Farewell to the Old Guard (1814)

·         Edmund Burke - On the Death of Marie Antoinette (1793)

·         George Bush - Announcing War Against Iraq (1991)

·         George W. Bush - After September 11th (2001)

·         Jimmy Carter - Tribute to Hubert Humphrey (1977)

·         Jimmy Carter - "A Crisis of Confidence" (1979)

·         Neville Chamberlain - On the Nazi Invasion of Poland (1939)

·         Winston Churchill - Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat (1940)

·         Winston Churchill - Their Finest Hour (1940)

·         Winston Churchill - "Iron Curtain" (1946)

·         Bill Clinton - "I Have Sinned" (1998)

·         Bill Clinton - "I Am Profoundly Sorry" (1998)

·         Edouard Daladier - Nazis' Aim is Slavery (1940)

·         Frederick Douglass - The Hypocrisy of American Slavery (1852)

·         Edward VIII - Abdicates the throne of England (1936)

·         Dwight D. Eisenhower - On the Military-Industrial Complex (1961)

·         Elizabeth I of England - Against the Spanish Armada (1588)

·         William Faulkner - On Accepting the Nobel Prize (1950)

·         Gerald R. Ford - On Taking Office (1974)

·         Gerald R. Ford - Pardoning Richard Nixon (1974)

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·         St. Francis of Assisi - Sermon to the Birds (1220)

·         Cardinal Clemens von Galen - Against Nazi Euthanasia (1941)

·         Giuseppe Garibaldi - Encourages His Soldiers (1860)

·         William Lloyd Garrison - On the Death of John Brown (1859)

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·         John F. Kennedy - "Ich bin ein Berliner" (1963)

·         Robert F. Kennedy - On the Death of Martin Luther King (1968)

·         Edward M. Kennedy - "The Cause Endures" (1980)

·         Edward M. Kennedy - Tribute to John F. Kennedy Jr. (1999)

·         Abraham Lincoln - The Gettysburg Address (1863)

·         Abraham Lincoln - Second Inaugural Address (1865)

·         Nelson Mandela - "I am Prepared to Die" (1964)

·         George C. Marshall - The Marshall Plan (1947)

·         Vyacheslav Molotov - On the Nazi Invasion of the Soviet Union (1941)

·         Richard M. Nixon - "Checkers" (1952)

·         Richard M. Nixon - Resigning the Presidency (1974)

·         Richard M. Nixon - White House Farewell (1974)