IN-spiration: Optimism uses positive thoughts to create positive realities.  Optimism does not allow for stray thoughts, it consciously and deliberately shepherds thoughts into positive folds. Optimism is a mastery of mind. Optimism knows that what you see is what you get, what you believe is what you experience. Optimism is not confused with sentimentality or idealism. Optimism is clear about reality. Optimism dreams big but keeps it real. Optimism is sober and clear thinking. Optimism is not a distortion of the truth. Optimism knows that life is hard but it does not bend its knees to adversity. Optimism does not smile falsely; it smiles simply because it can. Optimism does not understand “I can’t”.  Optimism’s favourite words are: Yes. Can. Will. Do.  Optimism ignites fires of passion wherever it touches ground. Optimism does not wear an illusory mask of happiness; it looks through the windows of infinite potential upon a world where anything is possible. In the angry sea of life optimism is a lighthouse illuminating safe passage. Optimism is a lantern in the blizzard and a smile on a stranger’s lips.  Optimism lifts when you are low.  Optimism is a finger pointing the way when all ways seem lost.  Optimism always finds a way, and if it cannot find a way it invents new ways. When the view is bleak, optimism seeks another observation point.  When the clouds hang low optimism climbs the peaks and comes out above them. When the crossing is unsafe optimism builds a bridge. Optimism flies in the face of the storm simply because it has the power to do so. Optimism does not take ‘no’ for an answer. Optimism rides the waves of fear and doubt without flinching. Optimism is not distracted or enticed to stray from the path of hope and possibility. Optimism does not get bogged down in thoughts that drag and pull you under. Optimism does not come to those who look for ways to shirk the responsibility of living; it comes to those who embrace the privilege of life.  Optimism knows that to experience miracles, your outlook must become miraculous.

IN-sight: Sit quietly and contemplate the following:

• Do you always look on the bright side of things?

• Do you find solutions or play victim?

• Do you deliberately shepherd your thoughts – or do you let them lead you down dark and lonely paths?


• Yes, I can manage.

• Yes, I will manage.

• Yes, I am managing.

Miracles simply mirror the extraordinary that resides within you.

Enshrine Incites content copyright: Lanon Carl Prigge 2011