Don’t get me wrong, but really, if experience equals arrogance, I am then better off without it. I understand that everything these days revolves around experience. When you apply for a job, they ask you for experience. Well, that what I would do as well if I had a company. Apart from the costs associated with experienced people, experience has a number of benefits:

·         You know more

·         You come across issues you have encountered in the past so it takes shorter time to resolve

·         You can foresee a problem before it even happens

·         And mostly, you are an inspiration to the young/inexperienced

However, recently, my friend told me about this guy. And he wrote “Really, the guy knows his stuff. He has worked for longer than I have lived. But the one thing that irritates me the most about him…is how he look down on the inexperienced. He somehow expects everyone to know what to do. And sometimes he makes these silly remarks, which, if he thinks they are just jokes, then he has lived in his own world. You do not ever make a joke about someone’s capabilities or choice of career field in this environment. Maybe at the bar or sport field, its fine, but not here.

So, I beg, if you ever read this, if you are old, intelligent, experienced and the so-called expert, just for once, think about where you started. Everyone have to start somewhere. The least you can do for the inexperienced or young is to guide them and not undermine and make silly jokes about their careers, I don’t find them funny at all.

I wonder if these so-called experts ever think about what would happen if the world could be run by people like me……well… don’t wanna know.

All I’m saying is, I acknowledge the work and effort put throughout your careers to become what you are today “experts” and all I ask is for you to acknowledge the effort these young Graduates are putting to become experts too.

And I still say, if experience equals arrogance, then I am better off doing a lot of different things good than doing one thing excellent.

Experience is great, vast amount of knowledge is even greater”