IN-spiration: Power knows its limitations and accepts them. Power turns its enemies into its greatest allies. Power knows that a weakness recognised, is strength in disguise. Power knows that what you are and how you are - is more important that what you have or who you are. Power does not judge a book by its cover. Power does not invest in or fear superficial appearances. Power respects only the authentic truth. Power knows that all are born equal but that equality and equivalence is not the same thing. Power cannot be bought, only earned with courage and determination. Power can only be earned, and never taken against your will. Power knows that surrender is always a personal choice. Power does not join those it cannot beat, but stands fast amidst a sea of unconsciousness and nurtures the flame within.  Power does not resist opposition but uses its momentum to serve its own ends. Power does not fight needlessly, but uses the energy of aggression and anger to build and create.  Power does not garner as much wealth as it possibly can to protect itself from the chaos of life, but confronts the fear of insufficiency directly by acknowledging that all lack begins within. Power does not to try to live as long as it can, but strives to live as well as it can. Power does not try to best others, but always does its best.  Power gives freely, but does not foster relationships of dependence. Power does not rely on others for sustenance, but draws its reserves from the core of its being. Power sees challenge, opposition and competition as an activators and catalysts; creating the conditions necessary for it to rise up from within the core of your being. Disempowerment only disempowers if you surrender your power to the idea of it. If you hold fast, what appears to be disempowerment awakens the potential of your true power.  Power and responsibility go hand in hand – you cannot have one without the other.  The more power you have the more responsible you become to use it wisely for the good of self and others.

IN-sight: Sit quietly and contemplate the following:

• Do you rely on others for your power?

• Does your power come from within or without? Does your image give you power or does your truth give you power?

• Do you submit to being disempowered, or maximise the opportunity to develop true power?

• Do you accept that you cannot become more powerful without becoming more responsible?


• I always do my best.

• My power comes from within.

• Adversity makes me more powerful, not less powerful.

Power directs the force of opposition to serve its own ends.

Enshrine Incites content copyright: Lanon Carl Prigge 2011