IN-spiration: Presence takes nothing for granted. Presence is the living embodiment of now - a constant state of acceptance of the present moment – which is the greatest gift life has to offer. Presence is the expanded state of awareness you can experience if you tune into what is right here, right now. Birth is the past, death is the future, and life is now. Now you are alive. Presence is the sense you have of this aliveness; it is your absolute experience of this aliveness. It permeates you to the core of your being. Your presence radiates outwards touching all and everyone with whom you come in contact with invigorating life force. Adversity activates the conscious awareness in a manner that draws your total focus to the living moment of reality. Presence is an aura of grandness that expands life and magnifies it. Presence is the embodiment of the authentic self, it is supreme self love and acceptance all rolled into one. Presence throbs with life and revels in the grandeur of the living, breathing moment. Presence is aware of the state of grace that being human is. Presence pervades all things and it is the spirit that animates the flesh. Challenge is an alarm sounding, signalling an awakening to new ways of being in the world. Challenge offers the gift of awakening, of embracing each day, each moment, fully, and living life with eyes wide open. Presence does not dream of the past or the future, it finds deep gratitude for and appreciation of the now. Presence savours every experience and circumstance as it is for what it is. Presence does not resist, it does not judge and it does not wish for what is to be other than what it is. Presence does not try to kill time with cheap entertainment. Presence does not try to dull the moment with drugs and inebriations. Presence does not seek petty escapisms. Presence is life’s awareness of itself – so what would it seek to escape?  Presence does not understand “No.”  Presence is an attitude of being; it is “yes, yes, and again yes,” to whatever is – right here and right now.

IN-sight: Sit quietly and contemplate the following:

• Are you in the presence of life and is life present within you?

• Can you accept the role adversity is playing in teaching you to become more conscious, aware, and awake?

• In what ways do your challenges offer you the opportunity to be more conscious of the now? 


• I am wide awake.

• I live each day to the full.

• I do not dwell on the past or the future, I live fully in the now.

Presence is life’s awareness of itself.

Enshrine Incites content copyright: Lanon Carl Prigge 2011