IN-spiration: Adventure is a journey into the unknown. Adventure is not always about experiencing new and exotic places, but about learning to see the familiar in new ways. Adventure is not only about changing the world, but also about changing yourself and in so doing changing reality. Adventure is about discovery, discovery of other - discovery of self. Adventure comes from being faced with the unexpected and having to draw on inner resources and untapped potentials of self that you might never have known of before. Adventure is about being put in circumstances beyond your control and finding within yourself the courage, and fortitude to overcome adversity. Adventure is not safe or cosy. Adventure is not about ease and security. Adventure exists in the extremities, in the places where who you think you are and who you really are come clashing against one another like waves upon the rock. Adventure is the place where who you think you are and who you may yet become intersect. Adventures can be found in even the most mundane and habitual aspects of your life. Adventure is not out there, but in here, within you. Adventure is an attitude to life that takes nothing for granted, that does not expect sameness; that does not pander to conformity and consistency. Every day is an adventure, if you let it be. Every experience is an adventure, if you let it be. Struggle and strife can be an adventure. You stand at the very crest of a new wave facing possibility head on. You have the opportunity to set precedent, to break new ground, to forge undiscovered relationships between the known and the unknown. If you embrace your challenges as adventures; dive head first into the raging torrent and commit yourself to the challenge of shifting your attitude and perceptions, you become the pathfinder. An adventure and a ‘nightmare experience’ are the same thing bar one differentiating condition: attitude. The same group of people having the same experience will describe it in different ways, and their perception of it will determine their experience of it. If you perceive or interpret an experience as negative, you will experience it negatively. If you perceive an experience as positive, you will experience it positively. A positive outlook always gives you the upper hand. 

 IN-sight: Sit quietly and contemplate the following:

• Is your life an adventure?

• Are you a hapless victim or a change-agent? 

• Do you see everything through the lens of adventure?


• I embrace the adventure that life is.

• I expect the unexpected.

• I choose how I interpret the circumstances of my life.


You can only discover what you don’t already know.


Enshrine Incites content copyright: Lanon Carl Prigge 2011